Great Big Valentine's Day Ficathon of Buttfucking

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Name: Great Big Valentine's Day Ficathon of Buttfucking
Date(s): 2007
Moderator(s): sevenfists
Founder: sevenfists
Type: Ficathon - fanfiction
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
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The Great Big Valentine's Day Ficathon of Buttfucking was a ficathon in Supernatural fandom that focused on multiple characters and pairings. Writers were required to write a story with a minimum of 500 words.

This is the Great Big Valentine's Day Ficathon of Buttfucking. It is for Supernatural and SPN RPS. Despite the name, buttfucking is not in fact a requirement. You can give prompts about John and Mary falling in love, Dean and Jo going on their first date, etc. As long as the characters exist in SPN canon, they are fair game.

Story Guidelines

  • Prompts should fall under one of three categories: schmoop, porn, or schmoopy porn. Porny schmoop?
  • No gen. There doesn't need to be any explicit sex, but hello, this is for VALENTINE'S DAY. There needs to be some ROMANCE.
  • Similarly, no angst. I mean it, people! No stories about Dean getting killed and eaten by Mr. Wu's pigs. Hurt/comfort is okay, though, as long as the comfort, uh, actually exists.


SPN het

One Night in Bangkok, by innie_darling. Sam/OFC, R. Sam gets asked to the senior prom by a hot girl.

A Decent Proposal, by starhawk2005. John/Mary, NC-17. John proposes.

all these wounded boys you lie beside, by flipmontigirl. Sam/Lenore, R. Red.

Tonight You Can Dream You're a Star, by jade_starlight. Sam/Jess, PG. Ghost!Jess visits Sam.

SPN gen

The Best Thing About Valentine's Day, by sarlev_vanisa. Gen, G. Wee!Sam gives wee!Dean a Valentine's Day card.

SPN slash

The fire in which we burn, by ellipsisblack. Sam/Dean, R. Kissing and fire.

pull my ribs apart and let the sun inside, by oxoniensis. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Times Sam and Dean have said "I love you."

A Girl Named Sue, by shotofjack. Sam/Dean, NC-17. One of the boys is laid up; the other fusses.

Bullet to the Heart, by annkiri. Sam/Dean, PG-13. Winchesters give amulets or ammo.

Wise Men Say, by itsthedetails. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Drunken karaoke.

His life became a valentine, by restless_jedi. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Dean never gets back in his body after IMToD.

Minor Inconveniences, by clex_monkie89. Sam/Dean, PG-13. Dean brings back exotic take-out.

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere, by ignipes. Sam/Dean, R. The ways they say "I love you."

The Things You Do For Love, by fiddleyoumust. Sam/Dean, Dean/Jo, NC-17. Dean goes on a date with Jo and has to make it up to Sam.

Reverse Psychology, by impertinence. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Slow-dancing to 80s rock ballads.

Just Between You and Me, by way2busymom. Sam/Dean, PG-13. Sam makes Dean a mixtape.

Love Through the Ages, by indigo_blind. Sam/Dean, R. Time travel.

To Kill a Shapeshifter, by mikhale. Dean/OMC, PG-13. Dean gets asked out by a guy.

Sparkliest, by kueble. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Handmade valentines by Sam.

Sleeping Brother, Hidden Dragon, by celaeno7. Sam/Dean, PG. Evil curse, sleeping beauty, dragon-fighting.

Covering the Miles, by littlewings04. Sam/Dean, R. First snow, mittens, diner food.

Sex and Drums and Rock'N'Roll, by kashmir1. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Steamy make-out in the Impala.

A Cat Without Whiskers, by tremblings. Sam/Dean, R. Dean is cursed and has to say what he's feeling.

RPF slash

Heart-Shaped Sushi, by benitle. Jensen/Jared, R. Jensen has a broken arm; Jared feeds him.

The Best Laid Plans, by oddlyfamiliar. Jensen/Jared, PG-13. Seduction in the face of obliviousness