Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai

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Title: Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai
Author(s): friskaz
Date(s): First posted: 2011-07-12
Completed: 2011-09-04
Length: 38301 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Suits
External Links: link on AO3

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Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai is a Mike/Harvey Coffeeshop AU by friskaz. It was originally posted as an anonymous fill to a Suits Meme prompt: "Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn't afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter."[1]


Every fandom needs a barista au. Original prompt on the kink meme: "Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn't afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter."


OMG, you wrote the barrista story! I loved reading this story, bit by bit, every day when you were posting. This story is so witty, and I admire how there was character and story development throughout. The tone of the characters was great. The only thing that drives me crazy is that I still don't know what Celia wrote on the coffee cup! Alas, it is probably like the can opener in canon - we'll never know. Great story. I am so happy that you've put all the chapters in one place for easy access. Please do write more![2]
This is the first Suits fic I’ve read. I’m actually not that much of a Mike/Harvey shipper: I love their relationship, their dynamics, their bromance, but strangely enough I can’t picture them in a romantic relationship. And that’s still a bit of a mystery because, hello, it’s me, I’m not usually picky on shipping people. But still, I love them, together, so I went for it and read this fic (found thanks to this rec).

And now is the bit when I actually talk about the fic and stop talking about my Mirvey (?) feelings. (Harke?)

It’s an AU! I love AUs! (Okay if you’re used to reading my fic recs, you’re probably bored of reading this line. But it doesn’t make it less true!) And I’m pretty sure everything rests in the author’s style and her writing of the characters. Because seriously, I spent 4 hours reading about coffee and baseball, so there’s definitely some magic at work here. I don’t jump on fanfictions quickly after watching a few episodes of a show because I feel like I don’t know the characters enough to picture them in written adventures. Suits is no different, I wouldn’t have gone and read this fic if I hadn’t been bored and the fic rec hadn’t been under my eyes. But in this fic, I truly felt that the Mike and Harvey and Donna (who are the most complex characters on the show so far, in my view) were indeed the ones from the show. They were well written enough to make me buy the romance and the courting and the pies (yes, there’s talk of pie in this fic. You should know.) Not that the pie wouldn’t have sounded legit, it just sounded like a nice phrasing.

I’m also amazed by the author’s knowledge / researches on such various topics as making coffee, medicine, baseball, economics, law… Oh and there’s writing on coffee cups so that’s another reason why you should totally go read this. And some (handsome) people get wet at one point, so if you know me a bit you know I couldn’t resist.

(I feel like my reviews are getting more and more messy… I guess that’s the passion talking. :p Who reads them, anyways? Official headcount, like the post if you read this!) [3]
I love this story and have read it more than once. We need more good Suits fiction! If you ever want to know what it's really like sitting in those seats (Legends Suite) at Yankee Stadium, let me know, because it's different than what you've described. :)[4]
The detail in the coffee shop backdrop set the stage and I enjoyed all the original characters you brought to the table in this charming story. Harvey was a lot softer and friendlier here and it suited this super accommodating, sweet Mike. I liked how Mike was constantly noticing all things Harvey - suits, smirks, hands, etc., and it seemed Harvey was doing the same thing and liking what he saw. It cracked me up that everyone was so avidly interested in their relationship even when Mike didn't really realize he and Harvey were in one. Trevor screwing Jenny over with her business really would be the last straw in that messed up relationship, and I like how you extricated Jenny from her big mess and put her on a path toward independence that benefited Mike and Sixpence. The constant stream of delicious sounding baked goods had my mouth watering. It all made for a very entertaining read.[5]
Oh my GOD. I think this is one of my favorite stories EVER. Fanfiction, not fanfiction, published or unpublished. And I read a helluva lot of anything and everything. :)

I'm in love with all the characters you wrote, especially Mike and Harvey. Mike's perspective was phenomenal; he was cool and collected even in his nervous moments (I'm not sure how else to describe it... it was great!). Harvey was so hot and just fascinating to read. I loved it all - the back story, the development, the romance, the friendships and everything. And you made me like Jenny, so that's a plus, too.

Definitely an all-time favorite of mine. Fantastic, wonderful work!

The only downside is that when I read something I love this much, it spoils everything else I read for a while. ;) But that's how I know I've found something awesome!

Thanks for writing and sharing! You made my day!

If you ever decide to write a long-ish Suits (or anything else similar) story, I'll definitely read it![6]


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