Good Things Happen Bingo

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Name: Good Things Happen Bingo
Date(s): March 6, 2020--
Founder: capisnotonfire
Type: Bingo, fanfiction
Fandom: all
Associated Community:
URL: Official Tumblr
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Good Things Happen Bingo is a Bingo fan challenge open to all fandoms, including original work. Participants are issued a 5x5 bingo card with various soft and light-hearted tropes, one per bingo square. To cross off a square, the participant must create a fan work (either fanfiction or fanart) that includes the trope. Only one trope can be crossed off per work, even if more than one trope from the bingo card is present in the work. The challenge is hosted on the Good Things Happen Bingo Tumblr account.

It was founded on March 6, 2019, by capisnotonfire. On May 18, 2019, GTHB went on a hiatus that was extended several times due to complications. However, the challenge was never officially closed, and participants with bingo cards were able to continue to play and add their completed fics to the AO3 collection.

About This Challenge

What Is This?

  • This is a nod to the Bad Things Happen Bingo writing challenge! We felt that, while it is an awesome thing that BTHB is doing, there isn't enough genuinely soft stuff in fandoms, so we have taken it upon ourselves to make our own writing prompt challenge dedicated purely to fluffy, feel-good content.
  • The premise is exactly the same! We are here to inspire you to write more and strengthen your skills. With Good Things Happen Bingo, you will receive a personalized card with twenty-five warm and fuzzy tropes for you to complete!
  • As we are still fairly new, we do not have as many tropes to chose from as our Bad Things counterpart, but you are welcome to suggest tropes in our inbox or by our submission form!
  • That being said, happy writing!

How It Works

  • When you receive your bingo card, you can start writing! You can write at your own pace and in your own time frame. Go ahead and post your bingo card if you're making the fics available to your followers, and don't forget to keep track of which spaces you've completed! Doesn't have to be anything fancy; you can use anything from Photoshop to MS Paint to a text post with strikethroughs to track your progress.
  • For fic bingos, many people like to take prompts from their followers. Someone will send an ask requesting one of the tropes from your card and a character(s) for the fic to focus on. If you'd like, you can also let your followers prompt other details such as whether it should be romantic or platonic, an AU to set it in, anything at all. Sky's the limit. However, prompts are not required; you can select which combinations of tropes and characters you want to write and in what order you want to write them on your own.
  • Once you've written a fic, post it! If in your application you gave us permission to reblog your work, we'll put it right here on this blog to share with other players and readers. Be sure to tag it with #goodthingshappenbingo, or @ us in the post, to ensure we see it. Additionally, please tag the trope featured in the fic, and the fandom you wrote it for.
  • If you cross-post the fic on AO3, we have a goodthingshappenbingo collection, which you can find here! Feel free to add your fic to the collection!
  • Once you've completed five squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you will be added to the Hall of Fame! But don't feel like you have to stop once you've gotten a Bingo; the Hall of Fame will also give special prominence to those of you who get a Whiteout - that is, completing every space on your card!

The Rules

  • You need your submissions open in order to receive your card! If you don't have submissions open, you will not be able to get your bingo card.
  • You may only have one card in play at once, although it is perfectly okay to ask for more than one card. What this means is that while you can have more than one card, you can only work on one at a time. An exception to this rule would be if you told us in your form that you don't want us to track your card, in which case, take and use as many cards as you want!
  • Fics can be NSFW, but they MUST be tagged properly and hidden under a Read More. This is especially important because part of the mod team are minors and cannot be reading or reblogging NSFW fics.
  • Write as much or as little as you want, there is no word count requirement for fics!
  • If you chose to crosspost your fics to other websites, we ask that you either post it to tumblr as well or post a link to the fic so we can find and reblog it here.
  • Your entry must be completed before you can mark off the space on your bingo card. An exception to this rule would be in the case of a multi-chapter fic, but the chapter with the prompt must be completed.
  • The fic for your prompt must be newly written. You shouldn't use old fics to fit into the prompts unless you are adding onto them.
  • Please tag the prompt that is being filled and the fandom that is being written for, to make things easier for the mods!
  • Feel free to message us if we forgot to reblog your completed fic!
  • Only one prompt per story or chapter counts towards your card. You can use more than one trope in your story but you can only mark off your card for one!
  • We will not tolerate harassment over an author's work. If you don't like something that someone wrote, don't read it!

Getting Started

  • Once you've finished reading the rules and FAQ, click on the 'request a card' link on the home page or here [link to closed form]. This will take you to an application. Let us know the tumblr url you want us to send the card to, and if you want, what fandoms you intend to write for.
  • Next, you pick your tropes. We've not got a lot of them yet, but go ahead and check off the box next to every trope that you want to have on your card. You must choose at least 25, so every space on the card has a prompt. If you suggest a prompt (or more), you will receive one of your suggested prompts on your card.
  • There will be a couple of additional questions at the end of the application, then, just submit! Make sure you have your submission box open on your tumblr, with the option to submit a photo, so that we can send you your bingo card. If your submission box is not open, you will not receive a card.


  • Q: Is this blog run by the same people who run Bad Things Happen Bingo?
    • A: Nope! We are a different team of people who were inspired by Bad Things Happen Bingo to make our challenge!
  • Q:How many mods run this blog? Are you looking for new mods?
    • A: As of right now, only two people run this blog! We are looking for some extra help for reblogging and answering asks, though. Feel free to message us if you are interested!

Tropes Masterlist (6/26/2020)

  • A Moment of Peace
  • Accepted Apology
  • Accidental Proposal
  • Admiring
  • Adopting a Pet
  • Amusement Part
  • Animal Companion
  • Babysitting Together
  • Bath Time
  • Big Sweaters
  • “Can You Hold This for Me?”
  • Cared for When Sick/Injured
  • Childhood Friends
  • Clear Consent
  • “Come Here and Kiss Me Dummy.”
  • Comfort from a Nightmare
  • Comfort from a Panic Attack
  • Coming Out
  • Compliments
  • Cooking Together
  • Cuddling
  • Cute Selfie
  • “Dance With Me.”
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Dancing in the Rain
  • Dancing on the Beach
  • Everybody Lives
  • Expecting
  • Fake Proposal
  • Falling Asleep on Their Lap
  • Family Heirloom
  • Fancy Dinner
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Fireworks
  • First Date
  • First Kiss
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Forgiveness
  • Found Family
  • Free at Last
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Gentle Beast
  • Gentle Tears
  • Get-Along Sweater
  • Gift
  • Gotcha Day
  • Guardian Angel
  • Hand-Holding
  • Happily Ever After
  • Heartfelt Confession
  • High School Crush
  • Hoodies
  • Hugs
  • “I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You.”
  • “I Will Kiss All of Your Freckles.”
  • “I Won’t Let You Be Hurt Anymore.”
  • Ignoring a Call to Work
  • Inspiring Artwork
  • “It’s You.”
  • “Just Because…”
  • Kindness from a Stranger
  • Kissing in the Rain
  • Knitting
  • Little Box of Memories
  • Love Song
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Married
  • Massage
  • Melting a Frozen Heart
  • Mercy
  • Movie Night
  • Movie Theater Popcorn
  • Moving in Together
  • Napping Together
  • Needing Comfort
  • Never Realized They Were Dating
  • Not Alone
  • Picnic
  • Pillow Fight
  • Pillow Fort
  • Playing Games Together
  • Playing with the Other’s Hair
  • Plushies
  • Promises
  • Provide and Protect
  • Purring
  • Reading Together
  • Realization
  • Reassurance
  • Reconciliation
  • Relationship Goals
  • Reunited
  • Safety
  • Save Me
  • Saved at the Last Moment
  • Scarf Buddies
  • Secret Haven
  • Secret Kisses
  • Secret Notes
  • Setting Aside Differences
  • Sharing a Bed
  • Sharing a Blanket
  • Sharing an Umbrella
  • Sharing Ice Cream
  • Sharing the Couch
  • Singing Together
  • Sleepover
  • Sleepy Confession
  • Sleepy Nuzzling
  • Snowball Fight
  • Soft
  • Soulmates
  • Spiderman Kiss
  • Stargazing
  • Surprise Kisses
  • Surprise Party
  • Surprises
  • Take a Break
  • Tea Break
  • The Next Morning
  • Trust
  • Unbreakable Bond
  • Vacation
  • Waking Up Together
  • Walking on the Beach
  • Warm
  • Watching the Sunrise
  • Wearing Each Other’s Clothes
  • “Welcome to My Home.”
  • “What I’m Fighting For.”
  • When We Were Kids
  • “You Are So Cute.”
  • “You Finally Noticed My Feelings You Idiot.”
  • You Made the Right Choice
  • “Your Laugh is Adorable.”