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Filk Album
Album Title: Gold
Date: 1987 or earlier
Medium: casette tape
Fandom: Harrison Ford
Performer(s): Fireflight and VHF
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Gold is a filk tape of filk songs written by Martie O'Brien (Allie Fox) and Zack and inspired by the movie Mosquito Coast. The lyrics were printed in Flip of a Coin #11 and illustrated by Wanda Lybarger.

From an ad in Flip of a Coin #11: "Contains all the moods and imagery of the unique film, captured in evocative lyrics and set to a haunting rhythmic score. $10 cash, check or money order......The complete lyrics to GOLD are printed in FLIP 11. Don't miss GOLD. This is VHF as you've never heard it before...."

ad for the cassette tape in Flip of a Coin #9, click to see larger


  • Technoplot
  • Gold
  • Family
  • Bring It On Home
  • The Reach
  • primitive Priority
  • One of These Days
  • See How She Rains
  • Keepin' The Faith
  • It Almost Took A Lifetime
title page for the lyrics for Gold as it appears in Flip of a Coin#11, art by Wanda Lybarger