Gigadumpster Holiday Gift Exchange

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Name: Gigadumpster Holiday Gift Exchange
Date(s): November 2017 to January 2019
Moderator(s): giftadumpster
Founder: giftadumpster
Type: Fanfic and fanart gift exchange
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Associated Community:
URL: Gigadumpster Holiday Gift Exchange (down as of April 2019)
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Gigadumpster Holiday Gift Exchange is a holiday fanfic and fanart gift exchange for fans of Immortan Joe or the other antagonists of Mad Max: Fury Road. As of April 2019, the community no longer exists on Tumblr.

The Gigadumpster is the unofficial Tumblr fan club of Immortan Joe, the villain from Mad Max: Fury Road. We also welcome fans of the other two warlords, The Bullet Farmer and The People Eater. The Organic Mechanic can come too. ;)


Gifts were revealed staring on December 31, 2017.