Ghosts (X-Files story by Anjou)

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Title: Ghosts
Author(s): Anjou
Genre: MSR
Fandom: The X-Files
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Ghosts is an X-Files story by Anjou.

Fan Comments

I hated the way the original series ended and this has been my personal, private conclusion to the series. They get William back, they band together with others to prepare for the alien invasion, they don't give up. It's well-written and hopeful. [1]

This is Anjou's take on 'how Mulder and Scully get William back'. It is gently and beautifully written, being neither overly optimistic nor overly bleak. I picked this [to rec] first because its Hallowe'en theme blends nicely into the beginning of November. It is as little and as much as a story about love and family, with some telepathy, communicating with the dead, and spooning whilst talking about magnetite thrown in.

In the weeks since William was returned to them, Scully had radiated a quiet happiness that Mulder had never seen before. She was luminous and fierce in her love for William and for him, and determined that they would be safe. There would be no turning back from the path they were on together, the three of them. This was not the life that Mulder had envisioned for them, nor the path to safety that Scully had tried to clear for their child, but it was what it was. They had ten years to do their work, and together, they would keep William safe. [2]
Three stories in a post-The Truth AU that deal with Mulder and Scully on the run with William and how they eventually make a life for themselves. I have small children and find this story totally relatable despite the visions of dead people and other typical post-The Truth x-files danger. Ha. [3]


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