Ghost Stories

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Name: Ghost Stories
Date(s): October 2005 - 2007?
Archivist: efiction
Founder: TiffanyNichelle
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Supernatural
Wayback Archived copy
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Ghost Stories was a Supernatural archive.

Wincest was accepted here but it must be clearly labeled.


  • Season Two - Stories that take place during season two.
  • Season One - Stories that take place during the first season.
  • Drabbles - Short 100 word stories.
  • Crossover - Dean meet Chloe, Sam meet Giles. Where fandom worlds collide.
  • Alternate Universe - Basic what-if stories.
  • Pre-Season - One Stories


Last known archive stats:

  • 49 authors
  • 136 members
  • 275 reviews
  • 105 stories