Getting Away From It All (Star Trek: DS9 story)

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Getting Away From It All
Author(s): Yavanna
Date(s): 1995 or before
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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Getting Away From It All is a Garak/Bashir story Yavanna.

It is a sequel to A Taste for Vengeance.

Reactions and Reviews

I am starting to wonder why anyone would want to go to Risa. Geordi and the Zenchathi Ambassador were kidnapped on their way there. Picard was kidnapped by a Ferengi and forced to look for a valuable that had already been found and Worf ended up joining a band of terrorists. In Getting Away From It All, Garak and Bashir decide to leave the station (and the gossip mill) behind and enjoy the pleasures of Risa. Their vacation is off to a good start and the story starts to a resemble a PWP interlude.

Then Dukat shows up, planning to take Garak back to Cardassia for trial and have him killed. Having surprised the tailor while Bashir was out shopping, Dukat quickly gains the upper hand and kidnaps the two men, leaving them in a secured storage area while he waits for a Cardassian shuttle to take them back to Cardassian space. Garak and Bashir are both injured during the initial struggle and their time in confinement is spent trying find a way out and dealing with the possibility that their relationship may be about to come to an untimely end. Garak tries to act stoic for Bashir's sake, but as the time passes he begins to acknowledge how much Bashir means to him. Bashir, meanwhile, feels guilty since visiting Risa and leaving the safety of the station was his idea.

One of the advantages of fanfiction is the uncertainty. When watching a Trek episode we know the characters will all be alive at the end. (Or if they won't be, we will have heard about it in advance.) In fanfiction that is not a guarentee and it makes the danger more real. While reading GAFIA I was not at all sure that both characters would survive and I was glad to see the consequences of the Dukat's, Garak's, and Bashir's actions explored further in the sequel, A Taste for Vengeance.

The sex in Getting Away From It All is explicit, but it completely consentual [sic] and unlikely to offend any adults who enjoy slash.

Getting Away From It All is an enjoyable read and if you don't mind a little darkness also check out the sequel.