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Fan Club
Name: German Jedi,
1982-1983 as "Star Wars Fan Association German Jedi"
Dates: 1979-1983
Founder(s): Leonard Brecht, Uschi Bauer
Country based in: (West) Germany
Focus: Star Wars
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The German Jedi were one of two Star Wars Fan Clubs during the run of the Original Film Trilogy that had the Lucasfilm stamp of approval. The founding pair ran the club from their home in Remscheid, Germany mostly as a mail-supported nationwide fan club. Its biannual zine, Corellian Chronicle, usually comprised 80-100 pages.

In 1982 the club merged with the Berlin-based "Star Wars Fan Association". The following year the club organized Jedi Con '83 between October 22 and 23 in Frankfurt/M.[1] The con boasted an exclusive club-only theatrical premiere of Return Of The Jedi, then eight weeks away from its German release. Soon thereafter the club was discontinued when Lucasfilm took over all official fan activities.

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