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Synonyms: Gay Gamer
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Gaymer and gay gamer are terms used to refer to the group of people who identify themselves as gay and have an active interest in video games or tabletop games. Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender gamers can also identify under this term.

This demographic has been the subject of two large surveys that attracted press coverage: by Jason Rockwood in 2006[1], who noted the level of prejudice that gaymers endure, and another one in 2009 focusing on what gaymers expect of video games.[2][3]

A convention oriented to LGBT gaming and geek culture, GaymerX, first took place in August 2013 in San Francisco.

Chris Vizzini, owner of the gaming site, was involved with several online communities (especially with Reddit) between 2007 and 2013 in a controversy and legal dispute over the trademark of the term "gaymer", which ended when Vizzini surrendered the right to the term and the trademark was cancelled.


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