Gauda Prime and Prejudice

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Title: Gauda Prime and Prejudice
Author(s): x_los
Date(s): September 2015
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Gauda Prime and Prejudice is a Avon/Blake story by x_los.

The story was published in September 2015 by Aralias in Pride and Prejudice, a Blake's 7 zine.

Reactions and Reviews

Well this is a freaking delight. Let's talk about the Blakes? They are great, all of them, they are sassy and kind of mean, very Bennet-esque. And how great the B7 canon actually marries with a Regency setting? (Almost as well as Avon marries with Blake, heyo!) ok what is the updating timeline here? Because real talk I already want to crush this story up and snort it to get it directly into my bloodstream. [1]
I just wanted to tell you how well written and imagined this story is. You have created a plausible society with some of the same tensions and class divisions that existed in the original novel, which is a terrific accomplishment. My view of Blake is less complimentary than his depiction here but I'm buying it! Its so interesting that you've taken a story from England's past and made it work in a story set so far in the future. I hope you are also writing original fiction with a view to publication. You have real talent - as do many of the writers on this forum. The standard of fiction is often amazing and I love reading it. Thank you. Comment Actions [2]


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