Gathering (Blake's 7 fan club)

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Fan Club
Name: Gathering
Dates: 1980-?
Founder(s): Pat Jenkins (main), Ann Wigmore, Kathy Dewey (assistants)
Country based in: Shropshire, England
Focus: Paul Darrow fans, Blake's 7
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Gathering wasn't so much a fan club as it was a news and information service.

It was for Paul Darrow and Blake's 7 fans, and it was run with his approval and help, as well as his wife, Janet.

Despite Darrow's approval, it was not an official fan club.

Jenkins, Wigmre, and Dewey would send you a copy of The Paul Darrow Zine in exchange for SASE and two IRCS. There were additional supplements to the zine. The "club" also sold photos.