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Name: Gambit Guild
Owner/Maintainer: Neko
Dates: 2006-present
Type: fansite, archive and forum
Fandom: X-Men
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The Gambit Guild splash page

The Gambit Guild is a character-focused fan site and forum for fans of the X-Men character Remy LeBeau or "Gambit". It is home to the LeBeau Library, a multi-author fanfiction archive, and the site also includes a Repository of information about Gambit.

The LeBeau Library archive contains 287 stories by 106 contributing authors. The earliest fic updates were on 2 January 2007, and the most recent were on 10 May 2010.


In 2019 a user on anon on tumblr complained that:

[An anon to @ludi-ling's blog]

What's happened to the Gambit Guild message board? There used to be so many members with diverse opinions. Now there's just a handful of mostly Rogue haters giving false information (like Kelly Thompson being the one who wanted R&G to get married in the first place and that the limited series was definitely going to break them up originally). There used to be members like Faith and Threaza to balance things out a little. Now it's kind of toxic and hated-filled there.

TBH, I never really hung out in any of the Rogue and/or Gambit forums back in the day (the Love Machine and Comixfan excepted - I’m sure they’re both dead). I was a member of the Gambit Guild back in the early-mid noughts, but I never really posted on the boards there. From what I saw of the site, it always seemed like a welcoming place to Romy fans - neutral at the very least. I remember f4faith and Threaza very fondly, as they were always enthusiastic Romy stalwarts, and I had great conversations with them on other forums. After the Golgotha arc (in 2005???), I suspect much of the Romy fandom practically disbanded, and a whole new slew of Remy fans filled in those empty spaces, people who joined the fandom not knowing or caring very much for the Romy ship. I suspect that is why many current fans on GG do not appreciate Rogue/Gamit, but this is just speculation on my part.

When I recently tried to sign into GG again (in 2018), my account had long been deleted. I did register a new account, but I only made a couple of posts and haven’t returned since. Fortunately, in that very brief time, I never came across any negative stuff, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on what’s going down on the forums these days. FWIW, I did have a very upsetting forum experience in the past (non-Romy related), and so I tend to steer clear of them nowadays. :p


In November 2022, it was announced that the LeBeau Library fanfiction would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[1] The import was completed in November 2023.[2]


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