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Name: Galpalficathon: I Will Not Be Afraid Of Women
Date(s): August 2008 - March 2009
Moderator(s): beanpot, pellucid
Founder: beanpot, pellucid
Type: Challenge community
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: "galpalficathon on lj". Archived from the original on 2013-05-16.
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Galpalficathon: I Will Not Be Afraid Of Women is a multifandom prompt-based ficathon for female friendships. It was founded and is run by beanpot and pellucid.

The galpalficathon livejournal community had 138 members and 205 watchers as of late November 2008. The challenge drew inspiration from the Thelma And Louise Do Outer Space ficathon, and is associated with femme_fic.

On the community's profile page, the mods stated:

There are other and great places to celebrate female characters as such, and there are other and great places to celebrate femslash. Our goal is to celebrate non-sexual/non-romantic relationships between women. Gen, if you like. The characters may, of course, be involved in outside romantic or sexual relationships, whether canonical or not, but the focus of the fic should be on the non-romantic/-sexual relationship between the two (or more) female characters.[1]

The first round ran from August 2008 to November 2008. Over forty stories were posted. Fandoms such as Stargate SG-1, The Middleman and Battlestar Galactica were well-represented, as well as more obscure fandoms such as Global Frequency and Gosford Park.


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