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Name: GUMI
Occupation: Megpoid Gumi, Megpoid
Fandom: Vocaloid
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Gumi is a multilingual Vocaloid voicebank created by Internet Co,Ltd. Her English voicebank is one of the most heavily-used Vocaloid voice banks among Western producers, utilized by producers such as KIRA and Crusher-P.


Gumi was well-recieved at release, with one of the first songs utilizing her voicebank being published within hours of her release day. She went on to gain levels of fame comparable to the Crypton Vocaloids, with thousands of pieces of fanfiction & fanart. The annual GumiCollab collects hundreds of illustrations of Gumi for her anniversary from 2015 to the present year. [1]

Common Pairings

Gumi/Miku Gumi/Miku, usually referred to as Gumiku is one of the most popular modern Gumi ships.

Gumi/Rin Gumi/Kagamine Rin has declined in popularity in recent years, but used to be the most popular Gumi ship.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

Being a Vocaloid, Gumi has no single canon personality, and as such, there are as many different perceptions of her as there are people who've interacted with Vocaloid. In fanfictions and fanart, she is often portrayed as enthusiastic and social, and frequently with an affinity for technology. In many popular songs from the Western part of the fandom, such as Wildfire & Machine Gun, however, she appears as dangerous-- lashing out against those who've wronged her and destroying everything in her path as she does so. In still other parts of the fandom, primarily in Japan, Gumi is portrayed as suave & elegant, such as in First Love Academy.

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