G.A.L. Squad Flyer

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Title: G.A.L. Squad Flyer
Creator: unknown
Date(s): early 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Science Fiction, Star Trek
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G.A.L. Squad Flyer was distributed at a science fiction convention in the early 1990s.


It is a parody of a fan club and meant to satirize Trekkies. The flyer represented the the ongoing dissension between Star Trek fans and those who considered themselves "real science fiction fans."

"G.A.L." stood for "Get a Life" and was a riff on the Saturday Night Live skit, Get a Life!.

From the flyer: "Are you a Star Trek fan? Do you dream at night that you're aboard the starship Enterprise, giving orders to boldly go where no man has gone before? Do you dream about this all the time? If you answered yes, then you may be the sort of pellucid go-getter we've been looking for!"

Club members would be able to: "Attend conventions!... Wear authentic costumes!... Be heard at our never-ending technical information debates!... Enjoy our fast food buffets!... Join in our monthly laundry excursions!... Go on trips to exotic, distant lands and spend time in the best mediocre hotel suites!... See Jimmy Doohan ten, twenty, fifty times!... Learn to speak Klingon -- our teachers will also help you understand and memorize every detail of the Enterprise!"

"No Club Gimmicks! Sound too good to be true? Guess again!... Never again will you feel alone in your absolutely worthwhile devotion to the most celebrated cultural enigma in world history -- STAR TREK! Join the proud members of the G.A.L. Squad and you too will enjoy all the exciting hebetude! If you're a thoroughly anserous, exacting person, then delay no longer! Just send your $200.00 today!"