Fury Road Exchange

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Name: Fury Road Exchange
Date(s): November 2015 to January 2016
Moderator(s): furyroadmod
Founder: furyroadmod
Type: Fanfic gift exchange
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Associated Community: Tumblr,LJ
URL: AO3 Collection
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Image from Tumblr for the exchange.

The Fury Road Exchange is a fanfic and fanart gift exchange for the Mad Max: Fury Road fandom. All characters, ships, and ratings are accepted.

Round One (Revealed in January 2016)

Caution/Distrust (Toast, Capable/Nux)
All Together (Capable/Nux)
Incarnadine (Capable/Nux)
A Little Afternoon Delight (Capable/Nux/Slit)
A Better Day (Capable/Nux/Slit)
Fragile (Cheedo/Angharad)
One Starry Night (Capable/Nux)
Looking Toward the Future (Cheedo the Fragile/The Dag)

Round Two (Revealed in May 2017)

The Waterstone (Cheedo/Dag, Furiosa/Max)
Five Thumbs (gen)
Salon Talk (Miss Giddy, Furiosa)
See Me (Furiosa/Max)
Psychopomp (Valkyrie, Angharad)
Max: (temp) Citadel Freelance Police (gen)
Citadel Shadows (Slit/Toast the Knowing, Capable/Nux, Milking Mother/Imperator)
Go the Long Way Around (Furiosa, Max)
Citadel Cuddles (Furiosa/Max)
Until Morning (Furiosa/Max)
Useful (Furiosa, Ace)
Heavy Is the Crown (Furiosa/Angharad)

Round Three (Revealed in May 2018)

Driving Lessons (Furiosa, Ace)
Better Days Ahead (Miss Giddy)
Four Days and Three Nights (Capable/Nux)
While you sleep (Furiosa/Max, Capable/Nux)
No Going Back (Furiosa, Max)
Go Forth; Have No Fear (Furiosa/Max)
Full Moon (Furiosa/Max)
By Your Side (Furiosa/Max)
Three Impossible Things (Before Breakfast) (Furiosa/Max)
Parietal (Cheedo, Dag)
Ear to the Ground (Furiosa, Max)
Drive (Max, Slit)
It's not a dinner (Furiosa, Max)
The Happy Ending (Capable/Nux)