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Pairing: Frisk/Asriel Dreemurr
Alternative name(s): Friskriel
Gender category: Other (NB/male)
Fandom: Undertale
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: minor
Other: See also Flowey/Frisk
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Frisk/Asriel is an Undertale pairing involving Frisk and Asriel Dreemurr.


The endgame of the Pacifist route involves Asriel convincing himself that Frisk is actually Chara come back from the dead and trying to force them to stay in the Underground and play with him forever via any means necessary. After his boss battle, Asriel admits that Frisk is not Chara and is the first character in the whole game to ask Frisk's name, revealing their true identity to the player (who is led to believe via narrative tricks that Frisk is Chara).

Asriel can be found at Chara's grave during the postgame walkaround, where he calls Frisk "the sort of friend I wish I had" after acknowledging that Chara was imperfect, and asks Frisk to remember him as he is now and think of him as someone they were friends with for a little while, fearing that they might think ill of him if they encounter him again as Flowey in the future.


Common tropes in Frisk/Asriel fanwork involve Frisk saving or trying to save Asriel at the end of the game, or the two of them growing up together postcanon. Postcanon romances often play on stepsibling and/or non-blood-related sibling romance tropes commonly seen in manga, such as Frisk and Asriel having been childhood friends and then becoming attracted to each other as teens or adults. Social or political consequences of two people raised in a sibling-like relationship starting a romance may or may not feature, with prominence differing by the author's tastes.

Based on Asriel's comments about Chara and idealization of Frisk in canon, Frisk/Asriel is also often treated as a rebound romance from rival ship Chara/Asriel, portraying Chara as having been abusive and Frisk therefore needing to heal Asriel's trauma with their love. Chara, whether alive or in the form of a vengeful spirit, often appears as a romantic rival to Frisk, and is usually treated as evil. More rarely, Chara is featured as Asriel's sibling and serves as a wingman figure to either him or Frisk.

Though bodysharing is a less popular trope in Frisk/Asriel than in Chara/Frisk, it features sometimes in fics where Frisk gives Asriel their soul so that he can remain a Boss Monster postcanon.

Fanwork where their relationship is or becomes sexual usually ages them up to older teenagers or adults; this sort of content is sometimes targeted by anti-shippers because of purity wank.

While this is a relationship between a nonbinary character and a male character, transphobic fans and fans who are ignorant about nonbinary identities treat Frisk/Asriel as a het or slash pairing. This type of treatment is also the norm in countries like Korea or Japan where Frisk's canon gender was lost in translation.

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