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Name: Flowey
Relationships: Toriel (mother), Asgore Dreemurr (father), Chara (best friend)
Fandom: Undertale
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Flowey is a major character from Undertale.

Canon Overview

Flowey is the first character met upon beginning the game. He introduces himself as "your best friend" and offers to teach Frisk how things work in the Underground, and tries to trick them so that he can steal their soul before Toriel intervenes. In a Neutral or Pacifist route, Flowey mocks the player after getting past Toriel if they have killed any monsters, and breaks the fourth wall with knowledge of whether they have killed or spared Toriel before. Throughout Frisk's journey, he can be spotted stalking them if the player backtracks quickly. His goal is to get control of the timeline back from Frisk; he is the final boss of the Neutral route.

If spared at the end of a Neutral or Pacifist route, Flowey will give the player hints as to how to get the True Pacifist ending.

In a Genocide/No Mercy route, Flowey identifies the player as his long-lost friend Chara, having stolen Frisk's body and soul, and joins forces with them to kill everything in the Underground and become all-powerful. Towards the end of this route, he explains how he became the way he is.

Flowey is well-known for being medium-aware and retaining his memories even if the player savescums. He explicitly refers to the world of Undertale as a game.

See Asriel Dreemurr for Flowey's pre-game identity and role in the True Pacifist ending.


Fans' perspectives on Flowey tend to change radically based on how much of Undertale they have experienced.

Fan Theories

It is still a subject of debate as to whether Flowey is incapable of feeling any emotion whatsoever or whether his non-love and compassion related emotional capacity is still intact. Fans who believe Flowey to be emotionless point to his lines towards the end of the No Mercy route where he appears surprised to be feeling fear or has trouble identifying the sensation. Fans who believe Flowey to still possess most of his emotions cite various moments throughout the game where Flowey's behavior seems emotionally motivated.

Common Pairings

  • Flowey/Frisk
  • Flowey/Papyrus
  • Chara/Flowey


Due to his lack of a soul and canonical inability to feel compassion, Flowey is treated by some fans as an aromantic character, and therefore anti-shippers often argue that he should not be shipped at all. Anti-shippers also argue that Flowey should not be shipped because he is a child character, exacerbated by the fact that his age is never stated in-game. Shipping Flowey with Frisk or Chara is often decried on the basis of it being "incestuous" due to some fans' headcanoning these characters as adopted siblings, or being "abusive" either because of Flowey's canon treatment of Frisk, or the headcanon of Chara as evil.

Other Flowey-related wank centers around why exactly he changed to be the way he is from his personality as Asriel Dreemurr. Fans who treat Flowey as a completely different character from Asriel are accused of not allowing Asriel to have flaws, fans who treat Flowey as having been "corrupted" by Asriel's temporary bodysharing with Chara are accused of bashing Chara, and fans who treat Flowey as a representation of Asriel's character flaws magnified by trauma are accused of bastardizing Asriel.


One particularly popular trope in Flowey-centric fanwork is the "Floweypot" concept, an AU where either at the end of the game or post-canon Flowey is brought to the Surface to join the rest of the cast as a houseplant. Comics by tumblr user creepyknees, as well as velocesmells' Seeing Eye Flowey series (linked below), helped to popularize this concept.




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