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A Friending Meme is an activity to encourage fans with similar interests to find each other and "friend" or "follow" one another's social media accounts. Friending memes are usually hosted on a personal journal, but can also be found in communities. Friending memes can be of any scope; there are general friending memes, fandom-specific ones, or themed friending memes.

The original poster often provides a set of questions such as name, age, country of origin, favourite fandoms/pairings/characters, hated fandoms/pairings/characters, etc.

For example, these questions for the Fandom Snowflake Friending Meme were written by akamine_chan, adapted from a template by rubytuesday5681:[1]

Names I go by:


The fannish platform(s) I am most active on is/are:

My main contribution(s) to fandom is/are (writing, reading, reccing, betaing, cheerleading/prereading, art, podficcing, mixing, modding, graphics, fanvids, commenting, meta, filk, picspams, etc…):
Link(s) to my Masterlist(s):

Fandom(s) I enjoy:
My favorite people/characters in this/these fandom(s) are:
Pairing(s)/grouping(s) I ship within this/these fandom(s) is/are:

The type(s) of fanwork(s) I consume the most is/are (fic/podfic/art/mixes/graphics/fanvids/meta/filk/picspams/etc…):
Fanwork tropes/clichés I enjoy are:

Non-fandom things I enjoy (hobbies, interests, job, etc…):
I post/want to post mostly about:

One thing I am good at:

Other things I want to share about myself:


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