French letters, Dutch caps

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Title: French letters, Dutch caps
Author(s): naraht
Date(s): 16 December 2013 for Yuletide 2013
Length: 481 words
Genre: Missing scene
Fandom: Return to Night by Mary Renault
External Links: On AO3

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"French letters, Dutch caps" is a short story written by naraht for BridgetMcKennitt as part of Yuletide Madness 2013. According to its author,[1] it was inspired by a brief discussion by queen_ypolita and fawatson in maryrenaultfics community about contraception in the novel.[2]

Reader comments included:

  • Yay! Now I'm even more excited to purchase the ebook when it comes out on December 31st. You, mystery writer ;) , are a wily person who has suckered me into a new fandom. Hilary is amazing, just the type of character I enjoy, and I enjoyed her shopping for contraception here. <3—BridgetMcKennitt[3]
  • Yay, a story that addresses the birth control question in Return to Night, I've always wanted to read one, and now I have! Great job!queen_ypolita[4]


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