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Journal Community
Name: Frank & Gerard Fan Fiction
Date(s): Created on 5 September 2005 - 12 October 2015 (last post)
Moderator: jatty
Founder: hanerr?
Type: slash
Fandom: My Chemical Romance

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frankxgerard is a popular Frank/Gerard LiveJournal community.

The comm was temporarily deleted on February 27, 2008, causing panic, rage, and premature eulogies in other communities before it was restored the same day. Fans were worried that all their favorite fics would be lost forever, and someone started a new community, frerard_finder, just to help find links. In the meantime, fans gossiped about problems in the comm: the poor quality of fic, post moderation slowing down, the owner removing mods. See Just wondering?, Archived version by xearlysunsetx in gerardxfrankie, Okay.., Archived version by ihateyrband in mcrficfinder, and FrankxGerard, Archived version by all_tattooed in slashbucks.

As of 2017, the comm was still up and had 9,329 posts; 111,249 comments; and 2033 members.[1]


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