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Name: Fran
Occupation: Sky Pirate
Relationships: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (friend), Vaan (friend), Basch fon Ronsenburg (friend), Penelo (friend), Balthier (friend), Mjrn (sister)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
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Fran is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy XII.


Stoic, intelligent and rational, Fran is the foil to Balthier’s impulses, helping him to consider consequences before doing his ‘leading man’ thing and just rushing in. A lone Viera warrior who has left her tribe, her mastery of multiple weapons makes her an asset on the battlefield regardless. Despite the barrier of race, she is one of few to gain Balthier’s full trust.


As leading man Balthier’s ‘partner’, Fran features prominently in fic. While often as a support rather than as the main character, she is nevertheless popular.

Tropes and Themes

Fran’s handiness with a wrench has also earned her the title of mechanic aboard The Strahl, which may lend itself to tropes. Aside from that, her rabbit-like appearance may influence titles and themes in fic.


While there were never any romantic implications between Fran and Balthier, her status as his partner lends heavily to shipping anyway, and it is unlikely to see her paired with anyone else, aside from perhaps another nameless Viera.

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