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Name: Ffamran mied Bunansa
Occupation: Sky Pirate
Relationships: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (friend), Vaan (friend), Basch fon Ronsenburg (friend), Penelo (friend), Fran (friend), Cid (father)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
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Balthier is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy XII.


Cocky and suave, yet deservedly arrogant, Balthier is Final Fantasy XII's leading man. Generally a step ahead of everyone else and tormented only by his father, his street smarts and general reliability helps the team out of many a tight spot during the events of Final Fantasy XII. Casually soaring into battle from the helm of his airship The Strahl, Balthier has stolen the hearts of many.


Balthier's confidence and charm make him one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy XII, if not the most popular. FFXII fic will often feature him, and generally as the leading role, as that is where he truly belongs.


Balthier's trust in partner Fran is absolute, making ships between the two likely in spite of the species barrier. Other ships may see him paired with Ashe or Vaan, but they are far less likely by comparison.

Tropes and Themes

Balthier's well-spoken manner will often lend itself to the title and tone of fic involving him, with often throwaway quotes like "let's be having you" used to great effect simply because Balthier has used them.

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