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Title: Forms
Author(s): Trebia
Date(s): 2015-12-18 - 2016-01-18
Length: 36889
Genre: Het
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
External Links: Ao3 Link

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Forms is a Star Wars: The Force Awakens fanfiction by Trebia. It is a very popular fic and pairs Rey/Kylo Ren.

They are children with matchsticks, him and her.

Changing Tags

The tags on this fic tell their own story. In December 2015, tags included: "Possible incest? Possible incest", "We're erring on the side of caution" and "Riding the bus to hell either way". By January 2016 the tags had been changed. Trebia was still "Riding the bus to hell either way", but other tags hinting at the possibility of incest were replaced with "Not incest until proven guilty in a court of law".[1]

In December 2017, all tags warning of incest were replaced with "IT AIN'T INCEST", following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Reactions and Reviews

Again, super-popular fic, but: I think this might be my favorite fic ever. Up there, for sure. It’s post TFA, but 1) the author predicted soooo many things about TLJ that it’s incredibly fun to read just for that, 2) the author really knows SW lore, I’m in awe since I know shit, and 3) both Ben’s and Rey’s sassiness in this fic is The Best. Personal fave: when Ben makes Rey’s holopad float over the toilet until she apologizes for saying that his ears and nose are gynormous. Also 12/10 smut.[2]

Reylo Fandom Favorite. Classic, the longing, the adoration building, the physical expressions, both of them lost, smitten lovers, Star-crossed Lovers in a galactic setting searching for their HEA.[3]

Sheer gloriousness thick with lore and hq lemony goodness. Senator shenanigans. And that epilogue ending was really cliffy, like, arrgh![4]

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