For the Restless

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Title: For the Restless
Creator: obsessive24
Date: October 2006
Format: WMV/AVI (DivX)
Length: 4:01 minutes
Music: For the Restless by Tom McRae
Fandom: Firefly
URL: vid announcement
vidder's title card

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For the Restless is a Firefly vid by obsessive24. It was reviewed by halcyon shift on January 1, 2007 at the reel.

Vidder's summary: The flipside of Utopia.

In the vidder's note, she mentions she was inspired by heresluck's Firefly vid New Frontier.


  • "A beautifully presented video that perhaps relies a little much on notes to make the narrative clear but there are notes and having read them it is clear so, wow, picky....A very well constructed vid that can be watched on several levels and more than rewards repeated viewing - and has one of the more unique approaches to narrative perspective I’ve seen in a Firefly vid." ~ feedback at the reel review.
  • "I love that you mentioned New Frontier, because as I was watching this I was really called back to that vid - and it does read to me more like you said, an homage. Or a continuation of the discussion. And some similar components, like amazing movement and use of the non-standard footage, use of things that suggest the universe as a whole, not just specific faces." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.