Flying Kiss

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Fan Art
Title: Flying Kiss aka "Taking Cheating to a Whole New Level" & "A Wizarding Photo"
Artist: ashjay
Date(s): 10 May 2003 (original) & 15 May 2003 (animated)
First Published: LiveJournal
Medium: pencil and Photoshop; animation
Genre/Style: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Images now offline; Original: ashjay's journal / hpart / archived post; Animation: ashjay's journal / hpart
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The Flying Kiss is a Harry/Draco illustration and animation by ashjay.

The art was originally posted at ashjay's LiveJournal and the hpart community. At hpart, the original illustration was titled Taking Cheating to a Whole New Level and the animated art A Wizarding Photo.

The illustration was inspired by a suggestion by reenka (now lunacy) of a Harry/Draco mid-flight kiss.

Artist's Comments

Ah, still one of my favorite drawings. Draco catching Harry in mid-air, and who's cheating here depends entirely on your point of view. I still love this picture because the person I made it for loved it. That's how shallow I am - pat me on the head and I'm happy. [1]
I have animated the flying kiss picture. It is now a wizarding picture, or a view through a pair of omnioculars. I don't know why I did this, except that people were so nice about it and I wanted to make something for them. Now, after four days of tearing my hair out over this and trying to learn how to animate, I think I should have knitted you all a nice pair of socks. Each.[2]


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