Flarrow Femslash Week

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Name: Flarrow Femslash Week
Date(s): November 2015 (announcement), December 14 (first week) - present
Submissions: no
Type: fanworks: vids, gifsets, fanfiction, etc.
Fandom: The Flash (CW), Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow
Scope: any Flarrow femslash ship, including crossovers
URL: http://flarrowfemslashweek.tumblr.com;archive link
AO3 Collection
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Flarrow Femslash Week is a femslash shipping Tumblr focused on the Arrowverse fandoms with week long challenges.

It was started on November 14, 2015 by Alex[1] due to:

"To hopefully help remedy the disappointing lack of femslash in the Flash and Arrow fandoms and generate some interest and fresh new content, this week will be entirely dedicated to femslash pairings revolving around the ladies of The Flash/Arrow/and Legends of Tomorrow universe!"


Week Challenges

December 14 - December 20, 2015

The Announcement post.

  • Day 1: Favorite Ship AND/OR Fake/Pretend Relationship AU
  • Day 2: Canon Divergence/Alternate Universe AND/OR Partners in Crime AU
  • Day 3: Favorite Ladies Scene/Interaction AND/OR Soulmate AU
  • Day 4: Favorite Crossover Ship AND/OR Magic/Fantasy AU
  • Day 5: Favorite Trope AND/OR Coffee Shop AU
  • Day 6: Favorite OT3/Poly Ship AND/OR College/High School AU
  • Day 7: Milestones AND/OR Smut or Fluff (or Both)

The Masterpost lists every work & pairing featured during this challenge.

February 8 - February 14, 2016


  • Day 1: First Date/Meet-cute
  • Day 2: Candy Message Hearts, Box of Chocolates, Bouquet of Flowers, etc. (Gift Giving or Anything Sweet!)
  • Day 3: Meeting the Family/Friends
  • Day 4: Proposal
  • Day 5: Wedding
  • Day 6: Anniversary
  • Day 7: Love, Love, Love! Dig real deep and write the cheesiest, shmoopiest, sappiest, most romantically cliched fic you can; have fun with it and show just how much your favorite ladies love each other!


  1. Mod page at the Tumblr