Five Things Ariana Said

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Five Things Ariana Said
Interviewer: Claudia Rebaza
Interviewee: Ariana
Date(s): November 8, 2018
Medium: online
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Five Things Ariana Said a 2018 Q&A guest post, conducted by the Organization for Transformative Works' Communications Committee with Ariana.

It is part of a series. See Five Things Said.


How does what you do as a volunteer fit into what the OTW does?

As a volunteer coder for both Accessibility, Design, & Technology Committee (AD&T) and Open Doors, I mainly help with the OTW’s aim of preserving fan history. In my twenty-odd years of online fandom, I’ve seen many works and sites disappears and it’s very satisfying to be able to do my bit to ensure that this happens less frequently in future.

What’s the most fun thing to you about volunteering for the OTW?

Perhaps the most useful thing about volunteering for the OTW has been learning software engineering; when I started out as an AD&T coder six years ago, I only knew a bit of theory and some HTML, and now I’m a Principal Software Engineer for a big multinational company!

In a way that’s been fun for me, too, because I love computing, but I think to be honest that the most fun aspect of volunteering has been meeting the people I volunteer with. Over the last few years, I’ve made a lot of friends, some of whom I even meet in real life on a regular basis! It’s great to be able to share anything with a group of people who, though they are scattered across the globe, tend to share my fannish, geeky and open-minded views on things.

What fannish things do you like to do?

When I can squeeze a bit of free time, I love to write stories. Most are quite short, but every few years, I’ll embark on something long and rambly: my current WIP is over 100,000 words and has been going for nearly two years now! I’ve always enjoyed making up stories in my head and imagining how the characters from some book or TV show might behave in a given situation. Thanks to the feedback of various betas over the years, I’ve improved a lot as a writer — rather as I’ve improved as a coder!