First Course

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: First Course
Author(s): Michele Arvizu
Date(s): 1996
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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First Course is a Kirk/Spock story by Michele Arvizu.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #17 (1996).


"Kirk tries to tempt Spock into staying in the room with him when he accompanies his lover to a conference where Spock is to give a speech."

Reactions and Reviews

Kirk tries to seduce Spock away from attending a conference meeting by masturbating in front of him. I didn't care for the implied power struggle in this one, Kirk needing to dominate, not just love, his first officer. [1]
This is one of the rare stories where the sexual aspect was so stellar that I literally didn't care about the plot. When the sex scene is the main focus of the narrative, then the sexual interplay had better be hot enough to carry the weight of the story. If all PWP (Plot? What Plot?) stories were like this, I would be a great fan of their lustful evocations. Spock is transfixed by Kirk's autoerotic seduction and the author lovingly lingers over every torrid detail. Wow! [2]
Someday I'd like to find and read all the stories by Michele that I havent read yet, because the ones I have read were all well-written and possessed of a certain something that sets them apart from the average, something unique, whether it be in perspective, in idea, or in characterization. First Course fits that bill. A short "pre-STII" story, it has no involved plot and no intricate action, yet its richness of characterization and setting make it seem larger than it actually is.

Basically, it's a Kirk-plays-seducer with a mock-unmoved-Spock scenario. Spock is attending a VSA conference on Berengaria, and Kirk has tagged along to not miss any time with his mate. The scene is set between conference events, as Spock returns to the hotel suite to visit briefly before heading back down to attend an important dinner. Kirk is lazing, warm and relaxed and barely dressed before the fire, and in the course of their conversation, he begins to blatantly touch and fondle himself, starting a joyous, slightly humorous, very erotic game of loving interplay between one determined human (sex now) and one determined Vulcan (conference dinner first, sex. later.)

Both win in this show of desires. Kirk enjoys himself through exhibition before his lover, and Spock enjoys it, too...and despite staying past his limit of "you have five minutes and I'm counting,"—which thrills Kirk for having caused his Vulcan to throw caution to the winds by staying longer—Spock manages to refrain from joining in Kirk's sexual activities, exhibiting good self-control and saving himself for later. He tops it all off by arriving at the dinner with "fifteen point seven five seconds to spare," and thus not ruffling any Vulcan feathers by rudely arriving late. I love this Spock, who manages to walk a fine line between human impulsivity and Vulcan decorum, while allowing his and his bondmate's sexual and emotional needs and desires to be expressed and enjoyed. Very skillfully conceived and written. [3]
I was drawn to this zine by a review in the January KSP. Had I read it, I wondered? Because you see, I am one of those awful people who have stacks of unread zines. What‘s worse, although I consider myself organized, I don‘t know which I‘ve read and which I haven‘t.

So it was that when I commenced this first story in the zine, it was without knowing whether it would be new to me. Immediately I was drawn into the cozy scenario in a hotel suite on Berengaria, where Kirk has accompanied pure scientist Spock to a conference. I always enjoy interludes like this, snippets of their life together, without a lot of prelude or explanation. Just a few minutes of seeing how well they interact, how sure they are of their love, in this case sure enough to tease unmercifully. Kirk‘s in charge here...or thinks he is, as he tries to tempt Spock away from a long-awaited lecture for an evening of lovemaking. This is a Vulcan we‘re dealing with, remember? So it isn‘t a surprise that Kirk ends up pleasuring himself. What is a revelation is that he does so with Spock still in attendance, watching the entire thing while stubbornly convincing himself he hasn‘t the time to do so. It did occur to me that Spock could have participated and not risked being any later to the conference, but Michele has a way with these two, so he only stood and watched. Not without reaction, mind you, but with an iron will.

It‘s a lot of fun to read this bit of true love at work...would have been fun to watch, too! [4]


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