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Title: Figuring Out Fanfiction
Created by: Lianza Reyes
Date(s): Dec 2020-Sept 2021
Focus: fanfiction, commentary
Fandom: multifandom
External Links: Website

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Figuring Out Fanfiction was a multi-fandom podcast by Annie that launched in 2020. 15 episodes were released.

A podcast exploring the societal impact of fanfiction

Episode 15: Creating a continuation of worlds: On this episode, Lianza interviews digital artist Ice (@illustraice on Instagram) on her fan art storyline work "Hero!" The story, which has gained a rapid following on Instagram, is focused on a future alternate universe of the 2004 Pixar film "The Incredibles", focusing on the future lives of the Parr children. Ice talks about her inspiration for the plot, her choice on a non-linear storytelling, and what the work means to her.

Questions? Comments? You can reach Lianza on [email protected], or you can DM the instagram @figuringoutfanfiction. Lianza is happy to be back on the podcast grind, even if it's just briefly. Reach out if you have any episode ideas, questions, or anything at all! Sep 08, 2021

Episode 14: When Fanfiction Has a Cult Following: Sometimes, fanfiction gets a cult following, just like a band, a franchise, or a TV show. To such a point it creates its own sub-club of fans. On this episode, Lianza talks with Harry Potter enthusiast Lalitha Pamidigantam of YWCA Columbus about a fanfic that was published in 2018, but making the rounds again on TikTok as it surges again in popularity. Plus, Lalitha speaks on why its love and close following is rooted in the story's portrayal of disabled characters.

Questions? Comments? Reach out on [email protected] or @figuringoutfanfiction on Instagram. Jul 23, 2021

Episode 13: Found in Translation: On this episode, Judy Fatol, a France-native, speaks on the dual experience of being a fanfiction reader and writer in English and French.

Questions? Comments? Reach out on [email protected] or @figuringoutfanfiction on Instagram. Jul 16, 2021

Episode 12: Researching the Community You Love: Lianza and CU Boulder PhD candidate Brianna Dym explore what it's like to become a member of the fanfic community to researching in-depth. Check out Brianna's Google Scholar page:

Questions? Comments? Reach out on [email protected] or @figuringoutfanfiction on Instagram. Jul 09, 2021

Episode 11: Intro to Fanfiction 101: On the season premiere (!) of season 2, Lianza chats with Book Riot contributor Dana Lee on how to officially start the fanfiction reading process, whether for you or someone else. Read Dana's article here:

Questions? Comments? Reach out on [email protected] or @figuringoutfanfiction on Instagram. Jul 02, 2021

A Final Note: Putting It All Together: Would you believe ten episodes have passed by already? For this one, Lianza wraps all the pieces together, connects the bigger picture, and tells her own story. A short end to season 1 of this podcast, but worry not: season 2 might come soon. Thank you so much for listening, it means the world. Feb 05, 2021

Episode 9: Battle of the Fanfiction Tropes: Wait, so what are some of the biggest tropes in fanfiction, anyway? Well, they're extremely different from fiction. On this episode, (the second to the last!) Lianza brings on three of her grad school friends: Helen, Gwen, and Lindsey to decide which trope is the best of them all, a la March Madness bracket style. Want to see the bracket? Check out the podcast's Instagram on @figuringoutfanfiction. Jan 29, 2021

Episode 8: The rise of Tumblr: Tumblr used to be the place for all kinds of niches. For Cerinn Park, it was a place that cultivated her love for arts, cartoons, and empathy. On this episode, Cerinn and Lianza talk about how fanfiction crossed over with this platform, and how words become drawings to express fanfiction. Tune in! Jan 22, 2021

Episode 7: Millions of fanfiction stories, one incredible outcome: The average age of a fanfiction writer is fifteen and a half, according to the book Writers in the Secret Garden. Why is that? And what does that mean? Dr. Cecilia Aragon (author of Writers in the Secret Garden and her new memoir Flying Free) explains why the number carries major significance to how fanfiction impacts its audience, and potentially, their lives. Dr. Aragon made history as the first Latina on the United States Unlimited Aerobatics Team. She was awarded Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers by Barack Obama in 2009. On this episode, she also shares her story as a scientist, and how fanfiction intersects. Her memoir is now available here: Jan 15, 2021

Episode 6: Don't Search Yourself on Wattpad: Ever wondered how it was like to be a fanfiction written about YOU? Well, YouTuber ordinarydreamer, also known as Nadia, can tell you what it's like. Oh, and a bonus: the mentioned fanfiction includes one of today's favorite celebrities, and features an anime character. You might want to strap yourself in for this one. Jan 09, 2021

Episode 5: Writing the Self-Insert, AKA How Fanfiction can teach you about yourself Following this podcast's first releases, people have come forward to share their story about how fanfiction changed their lives in multi-faceted ways. This is part of a mini-series that feature their stories and experiences. On this episode, Lianza interviews Ghufran Salih, and how fanfiction was simultaneously a sex ed teacher, a form of escapism, and a creative writing mentor for the both of them. Dec 31, 2020

Episode 4: On Writing One Direction Fanfiction: Sometimes, fanfiction leaves behind fiction, and delves into exploring possible stories in the lives of real people. In a more recent form, it was shaped by the enormous influence of the One Direction fandom, as they wrote self-insert stories and stories between band members. Dan Grier and Lianza talk about the thought process behind these stories, and why it's not exactly a brand new phenomenon. Dec 25, 2020

Episode 3: Was Shakespeare the original fanfic writer?: Contrary to initial belief, fanfiction did not start on the internet. It started as far back as Shakespeare rewriting folktales, stretching out to many popular works today. In this episode, Lianza and Syracuse University professor Gareth Fisher talk about fanfiction and its relationship to the existence of fiction, creativity, and human values. Dec 17, 2020

Episode 2: Johnlock Could Save The World: Fun fact: in 1893, when Arthur Conan Doyle originally killed Sherlock Holmes in the book series, the public's reaction was so distraught over the detective's death...that Doyle brought him back to life. And so was the birth of Sherlock fanfiction, when you put it that way, and leading now, to present-day romantic fanfiction written about Sherlock and his colleague John Watson. In this episode, Lianza and University of Wisconsin at Madison (and huge House fan) James Warwood chat on what it means to use fanfiction as a means of creating representation. Dec 11, 2020

Episode 1: Welcome to my twisted mind: Host Lianza Reyes introduces what the podcast will explore, defines a few vocabulary terms, and talks about her origins in reading fanfiction. Want to learn more about fanfiction? Dec 03, 2020