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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: ficspace by colleen
Author: Colleen Kane
Dates: 2001-2002 (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Highlander, due South, Hard Core Logo, Oz
URL: (Wayback link)
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ficspace by colleen Collen's fanfiction page.

All purpose disclaimer:

This is fanfiction. Which means that the characters, concepts, and "universes" in the stories belong to other people. Mostly corporate weasels, but some real people, too.

I am not making any profit what so e'er. Not a dime. Zilch. Nix naught nothing. So this little endeavor is somewhat on the white side of legal.

All the stories and original characters belong to me. Intellectual property of Colleen Kane, copyright 1994-2001. Some of it was posted to public archives under the name Caile Donachaidh Kane, well, that's me, and I can sue you under that name, too. ;)

The majority of the content here is slash. Some of it is rated NC-17. That means (pay close attention now): male/male erotica of varying graphicness.

Please leave if you were born during the Reagan years or are easily offended by hot sweaty depictions of gorgeous men getting it on. Not tryin' to be mean, just want you all to play safe.

That said, there's also some violence. It's not too bad, but people do seem to get punched a lot. I'm a hockey fan, okay??
caveat lector:
so here we are, and you're wondering about what's going on, and who's fucking who, and who's going to die, and the thing is, I'm not going to tell you. the stories stand for themselves. you're just going to have to read them to find out. in due south, there's fraser/kowalski, and then there's the other fandoms, where all bets are off. in general, stories are going to be R-ish. veering often into NC-17-ish waters. there will not be warnings or ratings on individual stories unless there's some very special circumstance. you have been warned. if this pisses you off, the complaints department is now open