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Name: Feuilly
Occupation: fan-maker, revolutionary
Title/Rank: Member of Les Amis de l'ABC
Location: Paris, France
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Les Amis de l'ABC
Fandom: Les Misérables
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Feuilly is a minor character from the 1862 Victor Hugo novel Les Misérables and its subsequent adaptations. He's the only named member of Les Amis de l'ABC who's a worker and is greatly admired by Enjolras.

Common Pairings

Feuilly is most likely to be shipped with Bahorel or Enjolras.


  • Feuilly loves Poland: In the brick, Feuilly talks passionately about the issue of Partitions of Poland. In fanon, this is often portrayed as a particular enamourment with Poland or as Feuilly being (part) Polish.
  • In Modern AU, Feuilly often sells fans and/or other handicrafts online, as a reference to his Canon Era profession as a fan-maker.
  • Feuilly is often portrayed as asexual, aromantic or both in fanworks.
  • Feuilly is often portrayed as red haired and freckled.

Example Fanworks