Femslash week in review

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Name: Femslash week in review
Date(s): 2017-present
Submissions: no
Type: statistics
Fandom: multifandom
Scope: femslash meta
URL: https://letzan.tumblr.com/tagged/femslash-week-in-review
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Femslash week in review is a series of posts by letzan listing the most popular femslash fandoms on AO3 by week.


Mission statement: help out people (including myself) who read fic on AO3 and wish they were reading more femslash, but don’t know what’s out there. Plan: do a week-in-review post every week which contains general stats about new fic and (eventually) a few recs.

Note: I am starting with the list of all works on ao3.org which were updated within a given week, and which were categorized as F/F, but I am not reporting stats on all of those works — I’m narrowing down to a subset of fandoms and works for which it’s tractable for me to actually look at all the character tags, and then I’m excluding ships containing what I believe to be cis-male characters. I’ll give overall stats about how many works I’ve reported on and how many I’ve excluded. If you think I’m excluding a fandom you care about, please let me know!