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Journal Community
Name: The Jossverse Femslash Minificathon Series aka femslash_minis
Date(s): July 2005-March 2008 (may return to active status in the future)
Moderator: currently inactive
Founder: Cadence K
Type: Challenge community
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly
URL: LiveJournal

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On July 20, 2005, Cadence K proposed in her livejournal a series of short femslash ficathons centering on women in the Jossverse:

I'm thinking of something with a really low word count and only one week to write the ficlet – short and sweet, in other words. And then we would have femslash![1]

Her idea was loosely based on some previous ficathons run by Willa, lostgirlslair and phendog. However, the specific format of the challenge, including its on-going nature, was Cady's idea.

Moderator status changed hands repeatedly over the years, and the rules were occasionally adjusted to meet the community's needs, but the basic concept, outlined in Cady's introductory post, never changed:

The Jossverse Femslash Minificathon Series will be exactly what it sounds like – a series of minificathons. Each time, a different girl will have the spotlight. You will sign up with a request of who you want paired with that girl and be assigned someone else's request to write. The minimum word count is 500 words but you are welcome to go over that if the muse strikes! The due date will be one week after you get your assignments. In other words, this is meant to be short and sweet (or angsty, or smutty, or schmoopy...).

For each round, there will be a vote on who the next girl should be. After a character has had her round, she will be crossed off the list so we can make sure to get everyone. If one round is on a character you don't like, don't worry. The next time it will be someone different! Stick around long enough and your favorite girl will have her chance![2]

The first series, which featured every major character in turn, ran from 2005-2006. The fic produced was indexed by Alixtii.[3] The second series is on indefinite hiatus.


The minis format became a popular one. The first mirror community, Get Your Toaster, for BSG femslash, was founded in March 2006. Minis comms for other fandoms followed.

Within the Jossverse, Femslash Minis has inspired maleslashminis and the short-lived hetfic_minis, which run on the same principle.


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