Feeling Good

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Title: Feeling Good (Supernatural vid)
Creator: kunju
Date: March 2006
Music: "Feeling Good" by Muse
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: http://innie-darling.livejournal.com/18424.html (no vid download available)

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"Feeling Good" is a Supernatural vid by kunju. It is a Dean Winchester-centric vid and was reviewed on August 13, 2006, by charmax at the reel vidding community.

In 2006, the vid won the "Best Action" award at the Soulful Awards.


From the 2006 review at the reel:

Overall impression: This is a Dean Character study which lacks a bit of depth and focus. It has some moments that lead you to believe that there is a good vid in there somewhere but unfortunately the overall vid is mediocre.

Titles: This video has no opening titles; it goes straight in (which is fine). The end credits come in via a zoom-in to give you the song/vid title then a fade to black to the artist name etc. The credits are plain and red on a black background which is suitable enough and gets the intended message across.

Music choice: “Feeling Good” has been vidded a few times in different fandoms and to be honest I’ve seen it done better. That said it’s a decent enough choice for Dean’s character. There’s nothing about it lyrically or musically that seems incompatible with the show or the character.

Narration, Tone and Movement: The introduction makes it clear that this is a Dean-centric video and throughout the video there are some nice uses of his facial expressions. In terms of narration it seems to me to be a chronological trip through the season highlighting Dean’s strong sense of family and duty. It also shows him getting thrown around a fair bit. The clip choices seem appropriate for the tone the song sets. In terms of movement it flows quite well but there are quite a few talking clips and that causes the vid to kind of stall in a few places.

banner for winning the 2006 "Best Action" Soulful Awards

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: As far as I can see no colour enhancements have been applied. The colour pallet varies slightly throughout the video but I think that is down to the different sources used for the clips. The video also has neither effects nor transitions. In terms of cuts, the introduction is marked by clips of Dean alternated with black video. It works well enough as an intro idea, but the timing could have been tightened a bit. There are a couple of jump cuts that really don’t work.

Specific vid & music notes: 0.10-0.18 is the best example of motion in the vid I like with her crashing through the window timed to the audio. 0.19 This is one of the jump cuts. There is a jump on the woman on the ceiling that distracts the eye. 0.29-.0.32 contains another jump cut that looks weird, as well as a clip that is a bit short and looks a little bit odd. 039.0.47 Dean dropping the cassette into Sam’s lap is nearly but not quite timed to the sound on the audio. The car driving off doesn’t seem nearly dramatic enough for the change in song here. 0.48-1.06 probably my favourite section of the video. The slo-mo saving of the kid is very strong. And he breaks out of the water at exactly the right time. It looks very cool. There is a good connection of clips between the drowning man and the falling body 1.12-1.22 The clip with the preacher is too long and if the next clip had come in just a bit sooner the drum roll could have matched Dean climbing the fence. 2.15-2.16. The cutting here really works well. 2.20-2.50 This section has some very appropriate clip choices that do a very good job of following the narrative whilst following the change in tone of the song. 3.09. I like the end shot of the car. I would have liked it even more if the headlights had come on at the last note.

Final notes: There are too many talking clips in this for my taste and there are a couple of places where the cutting is poor. There is nothing glaringly awful about this video but it is a bit of a disappointment because it is a very unadventurous video. I’ve seen dozens of Supernatural vids like this. It has a safe song choice and doesn’t really offer much insight into Dean’s character. It is largely just a run through of Dean’s arc. It would have been nice to see something with a bit more focus. Supernatural is saturated with vids and you have to come up with something a bit different to make your vid standout from the pack. The use of the song was good in places whilst in other places just a small change in timing would have made a big difference. All in all this is not a terrible video but not one that I would normally watch a second time.