Federico García Lorca

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Name: Federico García Lorca
Also Known As: Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca
Occupation: Author, poet, playwright
Medium: Poetry, theatre, prose
Works: Romancero gitano, Poeta en Nueva York, Sonetos del amor oscuro, El publico, Bodas de sangre, Yerma, La casa de Bernanda Alba
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Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) was a Spanish poet and playwright. He's known for such collections of poems as Romancero gitano (usually translated as Gypsy Ballads) and Poeta en Nueva York (Poet in New York). His most famous plays are Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding), Yerma and La casa de Bernanda Alba (The House of Bernarda Alba). He was killed by Falangists in the first months of the Spanish Civil War for his left-wing sympathies and his homosexuality.

While Lorca is one of the most well-known Spanish writers, he's less popular in English-speaking countries than in Spanish-speaking world and some other countries like Greece.

Lorca as a Character in Fiction

  • Spanish-British 2008 movie Little Ashes portrays relationship between García Lorca and Salvador Dalí, played by Javier Beltrán and Robert Pattinson
  • Lorca, like many other Spanish historical figures, appears as a character in the Spanish series El ministerio del tiempo (English title The Ministry of Time)
  • Lorca, together with Dalí and the director Luis Buñuel, is one of the main characters of Los caballeros de la orden de Toledo (The Knights of the Orden of Toledo), graphic novel by Juanfran Cabrera and Javierre set in 1920s in the Residencia de Estudiantes
  • Los amores oscuros (Dark Loves), a novel by Manuel Francisco Reina, is about Lorca's romantic relationship with Juan Ramírez de Lucas, to whom he possibly dedicated his Sonetos del amor oscuro (Sonnets of Dark Love)
  • Lorca is a character of Immortal Love, a Gustavo Bécquer/OFC vampire romance novel in which he and the Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer are immortal vampires


Many (perhaps even majority) of fanworks based on Lorca's life and writings are written in Russian and Spanish, though there are not significant Lorca fandoms anywhere. Fics featuring Lorca as a character are usually based on The Ministry of Time series and the Little Ashes movie.

There are also some RPF stories with him that are not based on any work of fiction.

Most common Lorca pairings are with Salvador Dalí, the famous surrealist painter with whom he was in love in real life. He also has been paired with Julián Martínez from The Ministry of Time, Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, Spain from Hetalia and his real life boyfriends like Rafael Rodríguez Rapún.

When Lorca's fiction appears in fanfics, it's almost always his poetry. His poems are usually quoted in the story or provide the title.

Very few fics are based on Lorca's plays or poems.

  • Подлость by Гусар на крыше and Vileness, translation into English by Erimia (Mariana Pineda, Mariana/Amparo femslash)
  • Diario intimo de Martirio by Aisleene (Intimate Diary of Martirio. The House of Bernarda Alba)
  • Пресьоса by Элиза Гвиччиоли (Preciosa, crossover of Lorca's poem "Preciosa and the Wind" and the song "Wind" by the Russian band Melnitsa)


Lorca-themed fanart consists of his portraits and illustrations of his works. There are also some arts for Little Ashes.



Little Ashes Fanart

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  1. ^ The title of Dalí's earliest surrealist painting, created during the relationship with Lorca
  2. ^ The first line of "Romance sonambulo" (Sleepwalking Ballad), one of the most famous Lorca's poems.