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You may be looking for the 1970s zine called The Federation Chronicle.

Title: Federation Chronicles
Publisher: Pegasus Productions
Editor(s): Jason Ellis
Date(s): mid-1990s
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek (all flavors)
Language: English
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Federation Chronicles is a gen Star Trek fiction anthology. It was published quarterly by Pegasus Productions.

This zine had at least one special issue. It was called Here Comes Mr. J'Ord'aHn.

a 1997 flyer


From a 1996 flyer posted to rec.arts.startrek.fandom:

Federation Chronicles Magazine is a great fanzine for all areas of Star Trek fandom. We feature new, amateur fan fiction from authors like Dayton Ward and Christine Francis (author of the Vortex series), expert graphics from computer artists like Eric Petersen, and the latest in Star Trek news and views. We're your one-stop Trek center.

Subscribe today! One year (four issues) just $10.00. Or, you can order a sample copy for just $3.00. Send U.S. check or money order, made payable to Sector 12, to:

[address redacted]

Orders recieved [sic] after February 10, 1996 will begin with the April issue. Orders recieved prior to February 10 will recieve the January 1996 issue. Please allow four weeks for delivery of January issue. April issue will be mailed prior to April 20th. Thank you for your patience. Hope to hear from everyone. [1]
From a 1997 ad:

FEDERATION CHRONICLES MAGAZINE is your complete fan fiction source. We've put together some ofthe best writers to give you the highest quality fan fiction publication . Our authors include E. Catherine Tobler, Christine Francis, Richard von Kolen, Anna C. Bowling, Dayton Ward, and more. And we have great artwork from fantastic artists, including Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Rebecca Wise, Robin Ator, and Beverly Chick.

And we're one of the few fanzines that is published on glossy paper. Our special digest size makes it perfect for taking with you when you roam about the galaxy.

Our short fiction spans the generations. From Kirk to Kim, we've got stories to please every fan. And we like to introduce you to some new friends, too, such as Christine Francis' "McKenna: Tales in the Life of a Half-Klingon" series or Anna C. Bowling's Whisper in the Wind.

No matter what type of fiction you like, we're a good read. Plus, with our online sister publication, Mission Profile, you get the latest news and information, plus all the top viewpoints as well as event listings, and more!

Visit our World Wide Web site, where you can download our submission guide- lines and read some of the stories we've had in the past. Visit the FedChron homepage at your on-line fandom headquarters, http://www.treknews.com/fedchronl.[2]

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

flyer for zine
cover of issue #5, Zaquia Tarhuntassa

Federation Chronicles 5 was published in July 1996 and contains 30 pages.

  • The Legacy by Christine Francis (6) (about the death of an old nemesis)
  • Remembrance by E. Catherine Tobler (9) (a memory from TNG's first season)
  • Joanway of ArQ by Richard von Kolenn (12) (the old letter is up to his old tricks)
  • New Horizons by Jason Ellis (16) (a tale of the first days of Picard's command)
  • Absent Friends by Dayton Ward (23) (a tale of absent friends)
  • Mother's Day by Jeff Long (28)
  • Confessions of a Star Trek Dad by Mark E. Ellis (a con report about a un-named con in New Hampshire) (30)


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