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Journal Community
Name: Fueled By Ramen Het Community
Date(s): Created 10 November 2007 - Last updated 28 October 2009
Moderator: inter_mishxx21, softballie
Founder: softballie
Type: het fanfic
Fandom: Bandom
URL: http://fbr-het-fics.livejournal.com/

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fbr_het_fics is a LiveJournal community for posting het fanfics. In the introductory post, the mod explained why the community was created: "Well, I'm one of few Writers on LJ who DON'T write slash and I find it very hard to get people to read it. I know I'm not alone so I'm helping you here."[1]

The community struggled to attract members or posts, and mods posted several times to encourage people to post or to pimp the community. In March 2008, a new mod wrote,

As a writer of het fic, I really want this to spread so my fics and everyone else's can have a wider audience of readers. Personally, I'm not a fan of having to post my best work as "slash" just so that I can put it up on a big community where everyone will see it. So help us get more members and hopefully this community will grow!!!![2]

Despite (or because of?) the low participation rate, a few months later one member created another het community, bandomhetfics, that attracted even fewer posts.[3][4]

The community was affiliated with getdowngirls, bandomhetfics, clandestinefic, rainydayrp, and fbrxcontests.[5]

As of 2017, the community had 186 posts, 296 comments, 190 memories, and 44 members.[5]


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