Fawkesy and Hobbesy

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Title: Fawkesy and Hobbesy
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): 2004 or before
Medium: print
Fandom: Invisible Man
Language: English
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Fawkesy and Hobbesy is a slash Invisible Man anthology.

  • Empowerment by Tawny
  • Comparing Scars by SuzyH
  • Different Types of Partners by Sandy
  • New Treat by Tawny
  • For Better or Worse by SuzyH
  • Limerick by Tawny
  • Tell Me by Sandy
  • Head to Head by Tawny
  • Limerick Tawny
  • Primal Need by SuzyH
  • Skills by Sandy
  • Tormenting the Tiger by SuzyH
  • Limericks by Tawny
  • Searching for Bobby Hobbes by Sandy
  • Eternally Yours by SuzyH
  • The Altar by Sandy
  • Jonesy's Lesson by Tawny


  • Allianora (front cover)
  • I-Nin

Reactions and Reviews

...almost qualifies for the "worst in fandom" list for blatant OOCness and purple prose. [1]


  1. Confessions of a Former Zine Slut from Sockii Press/WebCite