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Name: Farscape Webring
Date Founded: before October 2000
Fandom: Farscape
URL: The Farscape Ring Home Page (Wayback)
Farscape Webring.png

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Farscape Webring is a webring for Farscape fansites.

Greetings, The Farscape Webring is DEAD. However from the ashes of defeat, The Farscape Netring has been born. Yahoo has taken over webring as we know it, they are forcing everyone to get Yahoo IDs and making people give personal information to them, this is bad, it gets even worse. Yahoo has informed me that everyone in my ring MUST do this or they get removed without my consent, they have also decided to replace all ring fragments with "standard side server bars", these wonderful bars MUST be on the front page of every ring members site. When I pressed them for more info on these bars, (such as will they contain advertisements?) they ignored me. I am not the only ringmaster who is getting the silent treatment from Yahoo, so a few hundred rings and I are making a mass exodus from Yahoo/WebRing to the new NetRing. NetRing is a carbon copy of the old non-Yahoo Webring. They are not taking personal info and selling it, nor are they placing advertisements on our pages. The biggest problem will be replacing all of our ring fragments. I am in thr process of contacting every ring member and asking them to make the move over to NetRing. The old Webring will "continue to function as is, for now" (That is Yahoo's quote). I plan on keeping it registered to me, I built it, spent hundreds of hours checking links, helping new sites with html tips ect, so there is no chance that I will give it up so someone else can turn it into a money maker for Yahoo. My plan is to slowly shrink it down until its just a couple of empty sites with nothing but "We Have Moved to Net Ring" links on them and Yahoo's mandatory advertisements. Click Here to Join The Farscape NetRing.[1]

Member Sites


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