Farscape Music Video Archive

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Name: Farscape Music Video Archive
Type: vids, index site
Fandom: Farscape
URL: offline now archived;
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Farscape Music Video Archive is an index site for Farscape vids. There are more than 1400 music videos listed. A few vids are archived there as well.

From the FAQ:

  1. What is this archive about?
    Say, you watched a music video some time ago, but you don't remember who made it. All you remember is the song or the artist. You can then either browse through dozens of websites until you have found what you are looking for or you can come to this archive. Here you'll find a list of all songs ever used in a Farscape music video. Please note that this archive does not list the videos themselves, neither does it link directly to them. It's basically just a song database.
  2. How do I use this archive?
    That's fairly easy. The main index page is listed alphabetically by artist. If you click on 'song' or 'vidder' at the top, it will automatically sort the list alphabetically by whatever criteria you chose. The archive also has a search feature. All you have to do is type in part of the song title, artist or vidder and it will give you everything it can find for your search term. Results are listed alphabetically by artist.
  3. How do I add videos or change their information?
    Should you find any wrong information in the archive, or even videos missing, please send an email to archive@farscape-online.de. There is no way to add any kind of information to the archive directly since I want to keep it free of spam and as acurate as possible.
  4. Why do some videos have no website listed?
    Some videos were uploaded to temporary webspace like yousendit or megaupload. Since these links are no longer active, they are not included. In some cases, the vidder also has decided to take their videos off the internet. Should you really want to have a look at these videos, please contact me at archive@farscape-online.de and I will give you information on how to contact the vidder.[1]


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