Fantasy Extravaganza

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Title: Fantasy Extravaganza
Publisher: dotzines
Type: Art anthology
Date(s): 2019
Medium: PDF
Size: 90 pages
Fandom: Touhou Project
Language: English
External Links:
Fantasy Extravaganza zine cover.png
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Fantasy Extravaganza is a free Touhou Project ezine. The zine also includes a link to a download of digital merchandise (icons, phone wallpapers, and desktop wallpapers).


  • Art by rylusus, Alfynith, Alis, AlysTown, ant, ArtHungryDemon, Ash K., Ato, Avery, Caroline Gore, cCatclaw, cho, Clover, Cody, coolchulainn, Doll, durian, Emily, Genten, Ghooost, Gingeredmink, Homu K, Isotoxal, K-ailisi, Kia, Kiri, Kyomi, Laura, LauwDany, Mads, Majo, MajorMilk, Mandy Kurosaki, margeritenunez, Masada, Mefomefo, Mercurii, Merry, Michy, necroire, nettaraxy, niisanberg, NITO, nonkiru, Nutmeg Nautilus, nyansae, Nyl0n06, pmoth, rikichii, Ruby (RN), Scribblewing, SigilEyed, Sir Hoopsalot, smeef0, Snowrca, spacemako, Spicy, Spin, TetrabrikDePapel, thislittlelog, tjdthwjd, Vonnir, YuiKannon
  • fictionalized articles about Gensokyo locations by Erien