Fansplaining: Kenyatta Cheese

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Podcast Episode
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Episode Title: Fansplaining:
Length: 1:12:03
Featured: Kenyatta Cheese
Date: November 28, 2018
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Fansplaining: Kenyatta Cheese is an episode of the podcast Fansplaining by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel.

For others in the series, see Fansplaining.


In Episode 88, Flourish and Elizabeth interview Kenyatta Cheese, a founder of Know Your Meme and currently of Everybody At Once, the company behind the social media presences of Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and other shows. They discuss EA1’s philosophies of community and fandom, the way the entertainment industry understands fan culture, and how official accounts navigate fannish spaces—plus a good ol’ critique of 20th-century Marxist frameworks.


Topics Discussed