Fansplaining: Fandom and Capitalism

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Podcast Episode
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Episode Title: Fansplaining: Fandom and Capitalism
Length: 1:01:46
Date: January 10, 2018
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Fansplaining: Fandom and Capitalism is an episode of the podcast Fansplaining by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel.

For others in the series, see Fansplaining.


In Episode 65, “Fandom and Capitalism,” Elizabeth and Flourish discuss exactly what it says on the tin: fandom and capitalism, from a variety of different angles. First they read a thought-provoking listener letter about how market pressures spur more diversity on our screens—and whether fans’ own “corrective” ecosystems might be doing harm by cutting off that feedback loop. Then they consider the case of Marvel’s recently-announced “Create Your Own,” a comics creator platform with an equal-parts hilarious and worrying terms of service.


Topics Discussed