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Title: Fanson Online
Editor(s): Alie
Date(s): September 2006-April 2007?
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Hanson
Language: English
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Fanson Online was a ezine in the Hanson fandom. Issues were posted in the form of updates to the zine's website. These issues were released monthly, from January to April 2007.

The idea for the zine first materialized in April 2006, under a different name, when Alie posted to a LiveJournal community in search of staff:[1]

In addition to general news content, the site will feature links to recommended Hanfic, icons, a Fanson of the Week (by nomination of fellow fans, of course), general fan art(s and crafts!), band and song recommendations, music history, art/fiction/icon challenges, and MUCH more.

It is not clear whether any issues were released under the title Leftover Pasta.


  • Articles—editorials on the band, the fans and more, most written by Alie, Daisee, Susan and Susanne
  • Band biographies/trivia/etc
  • Discography
  • Filmography
  • Gallery (including audio and video)
  • Fan of the Month—interviews conducted by Kat. Fans featured included Lia, Lindsay, Lily Fox, Lisa and Sandy
  • Hanfic Corner—included notices of new/updated stories and reviews of award nominees
  • Tour dates and other appearances, including setlists and transcripts


  1. ^ "I wonder if there's any leftover pasta?"