Fans of Don

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Name: Fans of Don
Dates: 1996 - ?1999
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: (archived)
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Fans of Don[1] (originally at was a faction site for the FoDs, those Forever Knight fans who considered themselves affiliated with the character of Det. Don Schanke.

The FAQ page has a copyright date of 1996, which may be when the site started. The last updates were recorded as having been made on 16 May 1998. The site was last archived by the Archive Project in 2 February 1999, and presumably disappeared from the web shortly thereafter.

Most of the pages were not archived; but from links on the index page it is possible to determine that the site originally included the following:

  • FAQ sheet about Don and his wife Myra
  • a small screen capture archive
  • a small sound capture archive
  • an archive of fan fiction
  • a guide to episodes of interest to fans of Schanke
  • a page of Schanke quotations from episodes of Forever Knight
  • "Test of FoDness" (probably a quiz)
  • two souvlaki recipes (Schanke's love of souvlaki being a running joke on the show)
  • pictures of John Kapelos (the actor who played Schanke) during an intermission of "Syd, The Karaoke Kid", a show that he was doing in 1997


  1. The title of the site does not appear visually on the index page.