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Synonyms: fanfiction wiki
See also: Wiki, fanon, OC, archive
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A fanon wiki is a type of wiki containing fan created ideas, usually fanfiction, OCs and other fanmade concepts. It is the fanon opposite of a canon-focused wiki. Whereas most canon-focused wikis (such as the Harry Potter Wiki) disallow addition of fan-made content, fanon wikis regularly encourage these types of articles.

Most fanon wikis are encyclopedic in nature and therefore act as a repository for fan ideas and concepts. Some fanon wikis function similar to that of fanfic archive and store fics written by users. However, fanon wikis primarily contain pages on fan-made characters, locations, objects, movies etc instead of exclusively fanfiction.

Occasionally, a canon-focused wiki will expand its content and allow the creation of fan-made content. The Avatar Wiki is the most notable wiki to do so as in 2009 the Avatar Fanon Wiki and the Avatar Wiki merged content forming a combined fanon and canon resource.

Fanexus will have a wiki for fandom activity.

Example fanon wikis