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Title: Fanfiction Nation
Created by: Mark Cotoia, Kyle Andrews, Jaclyn Fleming
Date(s): Nov 28, 2016–Jun 21, 2018
Fandom: Multifandom
External Links: Official website, Feed on Podbay, Archive via Wayback Machine
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Fanfiction Nation is a comedy podcast about fanfiction. In each episode, hosts Mark Cotoia and Jaclyn Fleming "celebrate some of the best and worst of fanfiction by both curating and writing crazy stories" for their listeners.[1]

Fanfiction Nation is also itself a fandom, with several dozen fics appearing under its fandom tag on Archive of Our Own.[2]


Fanfiction Nation was created by Mark Cotoia and Kyle Andrews.[3] In June 2016, Jaclyn Fleming replaced Kyle as Mark's co-host.[4]

The podcast may now be defunct, as the official website is offline and the most recent episode aired in 2018.[5]


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