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Disambiguation: This article is about a specific mailing list. For fanfiction mailing lists in general see the mailing list and fanfic articles.

Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: FFML
Date(s): August 1995 to present
Fandom: anime manga Ranma 1/2 Ah! Megami-sama
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The Fanfiction Mailing List, or the FFML, was created by White Wolf, as a mailing list for stories related to anime and manga series. It has since expanded to include stories based on other media, but the scope is still mostly anime/manga-based.

White Wolf's earliest post in the FFML archive dates to August 25, 1995; it is a reply to an earlier post from the same date.[1][2] Many posts have earlier dates, but checking their raw data reveals a later post date.[3][4] The first story posted was "Ranma Vs. The Power Rangers" by Philip Chau.[5]

The Authors' Encyclopedia lists and describes some of the most recognized authors that were active in the FFML.



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